TEXI Return Unit is used for quick and easy return of dirty workwear.

When the user puts his/her garments in the return unit, the user's account is credited automatically. The garment is then drawn away to dirty laundry handling. The display shows a confirmation that the garment has been returned.

TEXI Return Unit is advantageously installed flush into a wall for maximum space saving and design. Alternatively, it is available as a ready-made cabinet.

HF and UHF

TEXI Return Unit is available in two models: a model with support for the HF Chip and a model with support for the UHF chip.


Can be placed so it fits in with its surroundings.
Simple to move if needs change.
Wall-mounted or free-standing cabinets

High Functionality

Independent units (if one unit stops functioning, the others still work)
The units work even when the dirty laundry container is being changed
The units also work during network failures


Capacity: 2 return units can receive 20 articles per minute.
Storage: 2 return units can store up to 2,000 items.
Space: the return units can accommodate 3 dirty laundry containers each.

About Us

TEXI simplifies your workday and lets you focus on your core business.

It all started with the need for a simple and flexible logistical solution for work garments; to get rid of bottlenecks and ensure that the right amount of textiles is in stock at the right time. We are constantly striving to make our clients’ everyday textile logistics easy. Because we understand that when this process flows like it should, our clients will benefit from minimized loss of textiles, optimized use of textile stock, increased storage space, reduced wait times and increased hygiene. We can conclude that making textile logistics easy saves money and empowers our clients to spend more time on their core business.