Monica Fredriksson is very pleased with the new solution

Lycksele Lasarett


It is full speed at the hospital in Lycksele after the start of their new logistics solution, TEXI Logistic Solution.

Karin Bäcklund

Texi Logistic system officially opened at Skellefteå Lasarett

Texi Logistic System was officially opened at Skellefteå lasarett on may 19, 2017. The new system for smart garment distribution was immediately well received by the management and they hospital employees.

 One of the new users, Karin Backlund, said “"It worked easily and smoothly. Actually easier than I expected :)

 As a next step Texi smart garment solution will be installed at Umeå Universitetssjukhus and Lycksele lasarett.



Texi was selected to deliver its garment logistic system for Västerbottens läns landsting.

Texi was selected to deliver its garment logistic system for Västerbottens läns landsting.

Västerbottens läns landsting (VLL) is responsible for health and medical care, dental care, disability operations and public health measures for those residing in the county of Västerbotten. To optimize hygiene and increase availability of work clothes for the medical staff VLL has chosen a cabinet based work clothes logistic system from Texi AB.

 Texi will deliver its patented solution for work clothes logistics called Texi Logistic System (TLS). The solution consists of Texi Dispenser cabinets, Return units and management software to control an manage the complete inventory of work clothes.

 During 2017 Texi Logistic system will be installed in the three main hospitals in Umeå, Skellefteå and Lycksele. Texi will handle project management, installation of supplied equipment as well as maintenance and support.

 The goal of installing Texi Logistic System is:

  •       Complete control over all workwear.
  •       Minimize queening time for the staff
  •       Minimize loss of garments
  •       Optimize hygiene
Welcome to our new office!

Welcome to our new office!

Texi continues to grow and develop. To make room for new employees and expand our showroom we moved to a new and bigger office in January 2017. Our new office is located in Botvid Businesss Center near Slagsta strand south of Stockholm  

Our staff is excited to be in our new space and we have a complete showroom where we can demonstrate Texi Logistic System.

We look forward to your first visit!


Map and complete address here.




Texi ställer ut på Upphandlingsdagarna

Text önskar dig varmt välkommen till vår monter under UPPHANDLINGSDAGARNA 2017, STOCKHOLMSMÄSSAN 24-25 JANUARI.

Kom till vår monter A:21 och få en miljövänlig gåva och en demonstration av Texi Logistic System


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It all started with the need for a simple and flexible logistical solution for work garments; to get rid of bottlenecks and ensure that the right amount of textiles is in stock at the right time. We are constantly striving to make our clients’ everyday textile logistics easy. Because we understand that when this process flows like it should, our clients will benefit from minimized loss of textiles, optimized use of textile stock, increased storage space, reduced wait times and increased hygiene. We can conclude that making textile logistics easy saves money and empowers our clients to spend more time on their core business.