Easier textile logistics

TEXI is a Scandinavian innovation and a professional solution for the management of workwear used by many hospitals and other businesses that handle large amounts of workwear.

We represent the future of workwear solutions – an innovative way of handling workwear, freeing up time, space and resources and contributing to reducing waste. New, market-leading technology provides a complete overview of the flow of personnel clothing, resulting in more efficient logistics and lower costs for all parties.

We deal with both large and small businesses that use workwear. TEXI is a comprehensive, supplier-independent solution that makes management of workwear run smoothly at all levels. Textile cabinets are modular and can be easily adapted and designed based on your needs, irrespective of whether that involves a move, a reduction or an increase in the number of cabinets. We adapt quickly to your organisational changes.

TEXI simplifies everyday life and allows you to focus on your core business.


  • Complete control over all workwear.

  • The right workwear in the right place at the right time.

  • Automatic ordering process.

  • Minimized waste.

  • Space saving.



We are always happy to do that little extra.
We perform our work with pride. We take responsibility and show each other appreciation. We are always available to our customers and treat them in a professional manner.


We always show respect and humility.
We have in-depth knowledge and we are happy to share it. We keep our promises.


We care about each other and together we get results.
We work together and help each other.
We develop together with our customers and work together to meet their needs.

Texi Management team


Phone: +46 8-410 914 42
E-mail: anders.bergfeldt@texisys.com


Technical manager
Phone:+47 995 35 464
E-mail: arild.engesbak@texisys.com

About Us

TEXI simplifies your workday and lets you focus on your core business.

It all started with the need for a simple and flexible logistical solution for work garments; to get rid of bottlenecks and ensure that the right amount of textiles is in stock at the right time. We are constantly striving to make our clients’ everyday textile logistics easy. Because we understand that when this process flows like it should, our clients will benefit from minimized loss of textiles, optimized use of textile stock, increased storage space, reduced wait times and increased hygiene. We can conclude that making textile logistics easy saves money and empowers our clients to spend more time on their core business.